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Our veteran-owned and operated company features new and exciting coffees for anyone.

Soon, we will be adding single serve cups and our own fast and high quality
“VET BREWED” Brewer.


New Arrival 2016

Our newest coffees and two-packs are ready for you. Join our Coffee Club and support our veterans every month.

  • Vincere Mare


    To Conquer the Seas

    A Two-pack consisting of both Anchors Aweigh, and Always Ready. Vincere Mare packaged for your seaworthy legs. Anchors Aweigh uses only 100% Kona blended with a fine cup Brazil and strictly high grown Central American coffee. The Kona dominates the center of the palate along with mild body and a clean sweet finish. Always Ready is characterized by rich aroma, complex layering of flavors and a sweet full finish. Each new crop Arabica coffee contributes its own characteristics to this blend.

  • Vincere Terra


    To Conquer the Land

    A powerful set of coffees for the coffee drinker who needs a punch in the morning. A bag of both our Army Strong and Gung Ho coffees. Fair Trade Organic Mexican strictly high grown deep roasted producing rich flavor, medium body and acidity, and a smooth finish. Gung Ho Coffee is of the highest quality from South America and the Far East, this specialty blend of coffees are roasted to achieve a true French style while maintaining deep body and flavor.

  • Vincere Caelum


    To Conquer the Skies

    For those who love flying or want a special two-bag set; here is some of the finest of the Colombian coffees. Our Supremo is full bodied with light acidity and delivers rich Colombian flavor in every cup.

Never Wait for Another Cup Again!

VET BREWED Is Fast, Under 45 second recovery time

No Lukewarm
Beverages Here!

Steaming hot beverages at the touch of a button.

The VET BREWED™ has been purpose-built to work with all K-cup® compatible coffee brands, giving our customers the freedom to choose.

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