You can secure your opportunity for the first kiosks we will be launching in 2021 with your money-back $100 reservation.


  • GI JOE COFFEE KIOSK is perfect for...

Mobile Coffee Vending

Set up in minutes in any location where your coffee customers are. We will also help you find the right places with our location scouting & Management services.

Sports & Entertainment Event Vending

Be the coffee solution at your favorite sports and entertainment events. Provide high quality coffee drinks and food items to fans who will love to purchase your coffee and know it is helping Veterans at the same time.

Nonprofit & College Fundraising

If you're looking for the ideal fundraising program...this is it. U.S. customers are spending more than $75 billion on coffee.  An American spends on average $1,092 a year on coffee. That’s around $20 a week. Imagine your opportunities!

Indoor/Outdoor Mall Vending

Attract shoppers with your "Veteran Cause" coffee kiosk. Using our unique coffee products, fast and professional coffee service, and turnkey process; you'll be profitable much faster and help Veterans too!

About the G.I. Joe Coffee Kiosk Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program is not a "Franchise" program, it is a "Brand Licensing Program". You as an owner will establish your own company and then "license" the G.I. Joe Coffee brand and its coffee kiosk program as your business. The Licensee will only use the G.I. Joe Coffee Brand solely under its coffee kiosk program that will enable the licensee to sell all approved G.I. Joe Coffee products, and limited but exclusive rights to print the logo and approved slogans on items such as coffee mugs, cups, hats, and T-shirts, etc.

As an Ambassador (Licensee), you will also benefit from the program's collective national marketing campaigns, access to pre-made coffee drink & food menus, exclusive kiosk pricing, coffee equipment, high quality food items, telecommunications pricing, coffee business training, and group healthcare benefits program.  

Additional benefits are also disclosed in the G.I. Joe Coffee Kiosk Ambassador Program and License Agreement. 


Fully Refundable. Your $100 reservation fee will secure your opportunity to complete your purchase as production nears in the first quarter of 2021. Your purchase includes selected kiosk, equipment, training, initial product, location assistance, and dedicated customer and support service.


Our Coffee Kiosks are easy to deploy, using hydraulics and pneumatics, you can literally drive your kiosk to your favorite location(s) using a personal truck or SUV. It can be set up by 1 or 2 people easily and quickly. Just open it up, move your counters into place, connect your mobile or location electricity and water...and you are ready to go!


"Our goal is to provide the best coffee kiosks to our network of G.I. Joe Coffee kiosk owners. When you have the confidence in how your store is designed and built, plus the addition of a unique product line and Veteran cause, you have a business that is very profitable and helps Veterans as well." - Tony Hudson, CEO/Founder of G.I. Joe Coffee Company


  • Supports up to 100,000 lbs.

  • Fastenings for all types of activations (cars, large screens, billboards, etc.)

  • Access to roof through external/internal staircase


  • At the back of unit

  • Hydraulic systems

  • Power source

  • Extra technologies like WiFi and Audio/Visual components


  • For safe transportation

  • Enables securing all coffee counters inside kiosk


  • Opens on all 3 sides

  • Sections can be kept closed, many configurations are possible


  • Diamond checker plate

  • Summer/Winter

  • Inside/Outside Usage

  • Can add wood/tile finish


  • Equipped with an opening and leveling hydraulic system

  • Enables quick and effortless deployment of kiosk


  • Electrical

  • Protection system from rain/sun and for privacy

  • Supports high winds


  • 4 corners leveling system

  • Adapts to al types of terrain


  • Inside the container and at its openings for external connections

  • LED Lighting interactives/ or iPad stands and TV screen (to play promotional videos, etc.)

  • What’s included?

Highly Attractive Coffee Kiosk

Full featured, full-service mobile coffee kiosk system. Available in both our 10 ft and 20 ft models. You can be assured your kiosk is well-built and ready-to-go.

Innovative High Quality Coffee Products

High quality roasted coffee beans, wide range of flavors, and delicious creamers; all in innovative frozen beads making it easier and faster to serve great coffee drinks to customers

Professional and Certified Coffee Business Training

You will receive a Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Coffee Skills Program in Roasting, Sensory Skills, Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Business Management, and coffee production

Location Finding and Management Services

We will help you locate ideal deployment locations that will help you avoid losses due to mistakes regarding permits, customer traffic, access to electrical/water connections, and more

Our New Partnership

Our partnership with Curt Jones, former Founder/CEO of "Dippin' Dots, LLC" franchise, will feature the state-of-the-art "40 Below Joe" frozen coffee beads to provide an opportunity for our Veterans and supporters who want to get into the coffee business using an innovative product that will enable them to offer much more than a simple hot or cold coffee drink. 

frozen coffee treat that will attract any coffee loving customer who wants to cool down but experience the taste of high quality coffee and espresso beads that can be enhanced with a wide variety of flavors and concoctions. 

Each drink will explode with freshness and a customer's new experience in coffee drinking. 

This will be ideal for those owners who choose to be in hot climates and in locations like the beach, sports arenas, and pools; and can offer both hot and cold drinks at the best times of the year. 

  • Innovative Coffee Selling Program

Freshly Packed Containers

We will provide freshly packed freezer proof containers to protect your coffee, espresso, creamers, and juices. Delivered to your kiosk location or delivery location systematically based on average usage rates.

Wide Variety of Flavors

You will have mild, medium, and strong espresso/coffee beads, many different flavor blends and creamers for your customers. 

Pro Modular Coffee Equipment

We will provide a modular setup which removes the physical barrier between barista and customers, creating interaction across the coffee bar, in turn creating an environment where the barista and customer can engage informally. You can simply slide out your cabinets and all of your steamers are already in place.

Business Financing Options

Unless you have your own capital to support your business, we will provide several financing options for those who qualify. There are funding partners who have special Veteran loan programs as well as others who fund small business owners such as; SBA, VA, Military Loans, and grants, to name a few.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the costs, fees, and financing options?

Yes, depending on the type of kiosk you choose to participate in, the start-up licensing fee ranges from $15,000* to $25,000*. Expected total kiosk program costs include the kiosk, required equipment, initial product inventory, any location fees/permits, if applicable, and other deployment costs.

The initial Program License Fee is $15,000* (10 ft) and $25,000* (20 ft), royalties are 5% of gross sales, national marketing is 2% of net sales, and Veteran cause donation is 1% of net sales. The initial investment ranges from $150,000**-$200,000**. We have relationships with third-party lenders.

Q: What is the expected revenue a coffee kiosk can make?

It depends on gross sales and how well the kiosk owner and/or manager control expenses. Given the right location (visibility and accessibility to coffee drinkers and the public in general) and with little or no competition, coffee carts and kiosks can rake in from US$250 to US$1,500 a day.

Q: Do you have to be a Veteran to be involved?

No, you do not have to be a Veteran in order to be involved in our program. However, we encourage all members of the Military Family (i.e. Active-duty Military, National Guard, National Reserve, Retired, Veterans, and Qualified Dependents), to be involved and we have special financing and package incentives (20% off Initial Program Fee) as well. 

Q: What Products will be sold?

You will be selling our high quality coffee that uses hand-picked premium  beans, expertly brewed, and "cryogenically" frozen into small beads that "capture" and hold the peak freshness and taste of the coffee allowing you to quickly serve great tasting coffee drinks. This product enables you to minimize costs due to waste and imperfect grinding and brewing, all found at most coffee shops. These beads will come in many different flavored espresso blends; mild, medium, and strong; even several cold-brew coffees as well. You will have several great tasting juices, tea and water. Our kiosks will be supplied with locally grown fresh fruits, snacks, sandwiches, and great desserts. Sandwiches and desserts can be heated using our commercial convection oven. 

Q: Will there be exclusive territories?

Currently, we have no restricted territories or limits. In the coming months, we hope to provide you more information. 

Q: How important is location for my kiosk?

Location is the most important factor. An excellent location can easily give you a gross income of from US$20,000-US$30,000 a month by your second month of operation. The locations with the better chances of success include those next to colleges and universities, in a business district, busy streets and tourist areas, airports and large hospitals or clinics, and shopping malls. Make sure to check with the local restaurant and health inspection department if you can operate your coffee business in these areas.

Q: What other costs should I be aware of?

Aside from investing in the actual kiosk and equipment, you will have to contend with the regular expenses on lease (if you do end up renting space), business and sanitation permits, coffee beads, syrups, milk, sugar, branded cups/mugs, and other products. Add to this the salaries of your staff also called “baristas” who prepare and serve your coffees if you won’t be running the business by yourself.

Q: Will the company be responsible for marketing?

Your main reason for the business is to make money and espresso-based drinks like latte obviously bring in more revenue compared to the usual brewed or “house coffee”. For this reason, you should give special attention to developing an espresso drink-based "local"  program and our product line will provide you with the more popular choices especially among young coffee drinkers, and supportive older drinkers in the Vietnam era and Baby Boomer markets. G.I. Joe Coffee Company will be primarily responsible for National Marketing campaigns, product R&D, product logistics, and management assistance so you can run your kiosk business efficiently and profitably.

Q: Will your drink and food pricing be competitive?

We will help you know how much your competitors sell their own line of coffee drinks. We want your coffee to be priced competitively given your investment and expenses. You neither want to be priced too low at the expense of your revenue nor too high that you lose customers to your competitor down the street. Our brand, high quality coffee drinks, wide variety, speed, and cause marketing focus will put you in front of your competitors.

Q: How long does it take to open a kiosk?

The expected average time is between 3 to 5 months; depending on size, any customizations, location, permits, etc.

Q: What training & support do you offer?

We have a week-long Coffee Business training program at three locations; Tempe, AZ (Primary Training Center), Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and Arlington, TX. We also provide onsite training for 7-10 days just prior to the kiosk store opening.

Secure Your Next Career!

G.I. Joe Coffee Company wants to provide a profitable opportunity for many of our Veterans who have served for our country and are looking for an ideal "second" career when they decide to transition. The G.I. Joe Coffee Ambassador Kiosk Program will give them this opportunity and a lot more!

  • Cash Required

    $50,000 to $100,000

  • Total Startup Investment

    $150,000 - $200,000

  • Company Since / National Trademark


Choose Your Kiosk!

10 ft Coffee Kiosk w/trailer

Estimated Investment: $150,000**

20 ft Coffee Kiosk

Estimated Investment: $200,000**

*License fees vary depending on Military/Veteran and Non-Veteran status.

**Actual total investment varies depending on additions to kiosks by specific licensee




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