A Veteran-owned and operated company with a mission to bring people coffees and products that will make a difference. Choosing G.I. Joe Coffee, people worldwide will positively influence the lives of disadvantaged, disabled and differently-abled American Veterans and the families of soldiers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Our brand brings back memories of yesteryear. Packaged with a nostalgic 1940’s style look and feel, similar to branding during WWII, and will feature military stories and facts, making our anniversary tin cans a must-have for collectors, history buffs, or simply those who enjoy reflecting on the historic past of our great nation. Consumers will immediately become supporters of crucial Veteran programs each time they enjoy our robust flavors of coffees. It also holds true in the purchasing of our products, such as popular coffee mugs, T-shirts, caps, calendars and more. This is because we pay a generous royalty towards Veteran causes from not only coffee sales, but every product sold by G.I. Joe Coffee.


Our ability to acquire global “fair trade” and “organic” coffees as a part of our brands, enables us to roast and blend premium coffees for impeccable taste.“Helping Veterans One Cup at a Time”, which is coincidentally our tagline, empowers people all across the world to enjoy quality coffees of a variety of flavors while directly supporting this fundamental cause.Americans are very passionate and loyal to their country. Our patriotic style and flair provides an affiliation with favorite U.S. military branches, units, holidays, schools, notable leaders, and even presidents.Connecting with those who understand the great sacrifice made by our Veterans, allows G.I. Joe Coffee to create a synergy sure to excite our customers and our partners like the USO, American Legion and Fisher House Foundation. Over 21 million Veterans reside in the United States, of which 3.5 million have a service-connected disability. Our partnerships will enable us to award funds to vital organizations that already aid Veterans and their families every day. Our future lies in our development of the G.I. Joe Coffee brand. Thus, the wider our distribution, the more people spread the word about our cause, the more effective we will be in affecting the lives of active duty military, veterans and their families who are in need.


G.I. Joe Coffee is a specialty coffee company which seeks to serve the highest quality Fair Trade coffees, expertly flavored and blended, and become the foremost Veteran-focused coffee company in the U.S. Our focus is to bring Veterans and their supporters within the same community of coffee drinkers, the means to aid in raising funds for disadvantaged, disabled, and differently-abled Veterans. 



High Quality Product 

Our products are 100% Guaranteed. If for some reason you do not like our product and you have not opened it, we will quickly replace it. 

High Level of Integrity 

Our honesty and having strong moral principles is unmatched, we use this as not only a gauge of how we run our business, but also whom we choose to partner with. 


High Business Acumen 

Knowing where we are financially and what is required of accomplishing our mission goals is extremely important in our business. This is why we establish strong partners who understand that there is much more to G.I. Joe Coffee than their overall bottomline. 

High Sense of Loyalty 

Veterans have a very high level of loyalty especially to those who genuinely demonstrate what they say they will do. Our goals and objectives are always focused on creating the strongest and most loyal customers as we can. 

High Mission Accomplishment 

The mission is the most important factor in the overall business of G.I. Joe Coffee Company. The daily machine is constantly working to optimize and maximize our potential to accomplish our mission. It is through 100% transparency, we will strive to support our military community with 100% of profits.


We are committed not only to bringing you the best coffee we can find but also the best information about its health benefits