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GI Joe Coffee Company

G.I. Joe Coffee Company, A Veteran Owned Coffee Company Named Official Coffee Of The American Airlines Sky Ball XIII


Starting October 22, 2015, G.I. Joe Coffee Company will be honoring the nations’ military service members, giving special thanks to those who served in Vietnam and a Salute to the US Air Force with its being named as the Official Coffee Sponsor of the American Airlines Sky Ball XIII. The company will be providing its premium coffees and special coffee drinks to all participants of the 3-day event; starting Thursday, October 22nd and ending Saturday, October 24th; that will include all VIP receptions and dinners.

The company will be participating in the Career Expo held Friday, October 23rd, and will have opportunities for those veterans and their families seeking a career in sales, marketing and advertising, and the coffee industry. They will be specifically looking for people who would like to be a Military Liaison, have knowledge in the product distribution and wholesale-retail industry, direct sales, and marketing/advertising field where they have sold advertising and possibly acquired sponsorships as well. All are encouraged to come by their booth at the expo to talk with G.I. Joe Coffee Company.

This will be the first year G.I. Joe Coffee Company will partner with American Airlines Sky Ball to highlight the service of our nations veterans of all generations. “We are so proud to have this opportunity to give back to those who have given so much for our freedom in a way that more than 50% of the U.S. already participates in, and that is drinking coffee,” said Tony Hudson, CEO and Founder. You can find out more about the event and the company’s participation at Sky Ball here.

Our influence in the coffee industry as well as in the veteran cause community, can and will make a huge impact in the support of veterans in need.

The large population of veterans living in Texas, and the thousands of organizations in Texas who serve the community, can all help by simply reaching out to the company and it will show them a way to generate much needed funds for veterans in need.
G.I. Joe Coffee, LLC is a Veteran-owned and operated coffee company founded by two veterans; Tony Hudson and Charles Cross; that supplies whole bean and ground coffees, expertly roasted and uniquely blended for sale to coffee drinkers who seek great tasting coffee and at the same time help fund Veteran causes. Through its packaging of premium coffees from all over the world, it blends them to make a wide assortment of coffees developing special blends of its coffees that have the names and mottos of many of the U.S. military branches, specialty units, and will also involve patriotic holidays, military schools, notable military leaders, planes, ships, and even presidents. Its purpose is to attract a wide and diverse market of G.I. Joe Coffee drinkers who feel the need to not only indulge in great coffee blends but also feel a sense of ownership of the brand. They will be people who want to support veterans and will do so through a practice they do each and every day. The company’s motto is, Helping Veterans One Cup at a Time!

Imagine if only 1% of all of the coffee consumed in the U.S. went to helping veterans, what impact that would be to so many who deserve it.

For more information, please visit: https://www.gijoecoffee.com. Note: Charles Cross is no longer the President of the company, he has chosen another entrepreneurial path and we wish him the best success in his endeavors. The company has developed a strong Board of Directors, established veteran cause and corporate partners, and is seeking strategic partners who can aid them in distributing their coffee products nationwide so that they can help as many veterans in need as possible.

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